Company Face Mask with Logo Design

The strike of COVID-19 has pretty much changed the ratio of everything around us. From online classes to online shopping, from the production of certain products in small numbers to large manufacturing units and one such example is

Company face mask with Logo Design, Certified face mask for your Company  Units.


As some businesses, companies or any institution reopens, companies are going for corona virus-related corporate swag – branded sanitizer, bottles, customized hand gloves, and above all masks which have now become the redefining give away of the companies.


Some companies are selling face coverings with brands, different colors, their logo carved on it, the company’s motto or any distinctive catch phrases over the mask, are directly selling it to their consumers and providing the same to their employees (in service) too.


This initially didn’t seem as a business propaganda but, Company face mask with Logo Design is a vast growing business now. Many start-ups have taken place which manufactures face masks, solely and are doing good. Few months back, it was all about the medical masks only and the demand in the market, compared to now was almost nil. But these days mask is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. It is the new normal.


The trend in branded face coverings comes at a time when mask sales are blooming. Also, if consumers are wearing masks bearing logos, it’s essentially free advertising for the brands behind them. Hence, introduces corporate branding custom face mask. Several said their business has improved as companies have brought branded masks, sanitizers etc.


Some companies have also placed orders for returning workers and employees have expressed appreciation for the swag as "Company face mask with Logo Design". Some believe that company-issued masks could also make it easier to maintain professional dress codes. Corporates would like to wear something uniform and professional. 

2 Industry experts says that brands and corporates must be careful to avoid appearing to want to profit from an essential item during a pandemic. So far, most big names like Disney, NBA etc. are donating all or some of the proceeds from the mask to charities.


But, over times that approach could change as consumers become more at ease with face masks in a daily routine or as a daily habit and embrace having fun with them. Companies could be seen as, using "Certified face mask for your Company ” as their USP. 

Certified face mask for your Company .pn

Monkey Mask offers certified protection to employees which are exposed in service environments. The mask offers fashionable FACEWEAR that will augment your company’s profile.

"Company face mask with Logo Design", "Certified face mask for your Company", Company face mask with Logo Design

Certified face mask for your Company, Company face mask with Logo Design, Certified face mask for your Company

Company face mask with Logo Design

Certified face mask for your Company

Company face mask with Logo Design

Certified face mask for your Company

The Ordering Process

4 Easy Steps to your Bespoke FACEWEAR

1. Get your Quote and provide Artwork

A sample mask and mock-up will be shared with you

2. Confirm Your Order and make Deposit

You will get an estimated shipping date

3. Get updates on Production and Shipping timelines

A typical order takes between 1-3 weeks until delivery

4. Receive and distribute

Shipments will be delivered directly to your office

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Monkey Masks are priced as low as SGD 3.90 per item, depending on ordering quantity. Minimum order size is 500 masks.

We can produce up to a million masks per month.

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