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about us

The current pandemic has definitely brought all of us down to the essential basics but as we work together and stand united, we will surely rise up and conquer this global challenge. To fight this crisis and also boost back the stumped economy, we at Monkey Mask thought to bring to your doorstep a dedicated range of face masks that is more than just a protective mask.

Monkey Mask offers tested and certified protection to all especially those who are engaged in exposed service environments. Our masks and pouches can additionally serve as advertisement mediums for companies to help augment corporate profile.


monkey mask - a company founded in Singapore

Monkey Mask provides a solution to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic with environmental responsibility paramount in our objectives.

Not only do we make sure that our final products are eco-friendly, the raw materials themselves also go through a different standard of regulation to improve the protection of human health and the environment from chemical risks.

Additionally, the production process itself goes through a climate neutral calculation where the production chain is assessed and modified to a more strategic contribution to fight against global warming. 

trusted partners

As part of Monkey Mask's commitments to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 along with its many variants, we have updated and developed our product specifically to meet the new standard, ASTM F3502.


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Simply drop us a message. We generally respond within 4 hrs.

Monkey Masks are priced as low as SGD3.90 per item, depending

on ordering quantity. Minimum order is 500 masks. We can produce

up to a million masks.

4 steps away to get your hands
on your bespoke facewear

A sample mask and mockup will be shared with you. 

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You will get an estimated shipping date.

confirm your order and make a deposit.

A typical order takes between 3-4 weeks until delivery.

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Shipments will be delivered directly to your office.

receive and distribute.

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