Custom Face Mask and Pouch with your Corporate Branding

The current pandemic has definitely brought all of us down to the essential basics but as we work together and stand united, we will surely rise up and conquer this global challenge.​

To help fight this crisis and also boost back the stumped economy, we at Monkey Mask thought to bring to your doorstep a dedicated range of face masks that is more than just a protective mask.

Monkey Mask offers certified protection to employees which are exposed in service environments. The mask offers fashionable FACEWEAR that will augment your company’s profile.


Branded Face mask Singapore

Custom Face mask Singapore

Custom Face mask with Logo

"Branded Face mask Singapore"

"Custom Face mask Singapore"

"Custom Face mask with Logo"

Customised Branded Face mask Singapore, Custom Face mask Singapore, Custom Face mask with Logo singapore, 

Customised Branded Face mask Singapore

Custom Face mask Singapore

Custom Face mask with Logo singapore

  • As our FACEWEAR is EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant, you can be assured that the product quality has been assessed down to its chemical safety composition. 


  • Our FACEWEAR is fully customizable in color and design with the use of Dye Sublimation Digital Technology, this means there are no colour limitations to restrict your designs. This is a green process that provides beautifully bright, clear and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate, rather than on the surface, allowing the fabric to be washed multiple times without fading or cracking the colors and/or design. 


  • ​​To be effective in preventing the spread, the face masks should be fitted snugly across your face, to address this our FACEWEAR comes with adjustable straps that can be used as ear-loops or to fit behind the head for added comfort. 


  • Our FACEWEAR are woven PU coated polyester carrying pouch with an airtight closure.  The PU coat makes the fabric water resistant, light weight and flexible. 

  • The FACEWEAR is produced with sustainable materials under ethical conditions (SA-8000 certified).


Monkey Mask - a Company founded in Singapore

Monkey Mask provides a certified and re-usable solution towards the waste problem and allows corporations to brand their employee appearance.

The FACEWEAR is produced with sustainable materials under ethical conditions (SA-8000 certified). The FACEWEAR is constructed according the guidelines of WHO and certified by CEN and ilac-MRA. In both categories, filtration and breathability, the FACEWEAR reached the highest score.


Trusted by global Brands


The Ordering Process

4 Easy Steps to your Bespoke FACEWEAR

1. Get your Quote and provide Artwork

A sample mask and mock-up will be shared with you

2. Confirm Your Order and make Deposit

You will get an estimated shipping date

3. Get updates on Production and Shipping timelines

A typical order takes between 4-5 weeks until delivery

4. Receive and distribute

Shipments will be delivered directly to your office


Contact Us for a Quote

Do you have a question about our products or need a quote? Simply drop us a message. We generally respond within 4 hours.

Monkey Masks are priced as low as SGD 3.90 per item, depending on ordering quantity. Minimum order size is 500 masks.

We can produce up to a million masks per month.

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